Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Update for March 19, 2013

Hello, everyone!

We apologize for the delay in updating the status of Amendment Arms Inc. and of the Joshua Mk5.  Here is the latest news:

Shipping Dates
As you may know, we desired and expected to be able to ship the Mk5 by March 31, 2013.Unfortunately, the gun panic continues to run its course.  This has caused many delays.  What delays?

(1) Barrels are in short supply.  Larger manufacturers are cornering production time from barrel makers. We can get the blanks we need, but not in quantity or in a speedy manner.  Naturally, everyone is in the same boat.  There’s not much we can do except place our orders and wait the month or two it takes for barrels and blanks to arrive.

(2) Quad Rails.  Believe it or not, our original aluminum extrusions supplier bowed out, claiming “liability” issues, meaning fear of the government.  We have since found several extruders who are more than willing, and we will choose one within the week.  After we do this, it will be 5-8 weeks before delivery. 

As such, our new date for first shipment must be moved to late May-early June.

If you have paid full price, and your delivery date comes due before that time, please contact us by email to let us know if you will be willing to wait, and for how long.  Otherwise, we are on schedule.  Please note that this affects only those who paid full price, not layaway customers, per the contract.


We hope to show a rough version of the Mk5 in mid-to-late April.  We had been thinking and saying March, but we are revising some technical aspects while we wait for barrels and quad rails.

Premium Barrels

As you may know, we are offering our customers the opportunity to upgrade their Mk5 barrels.  These will be provided by a top name barrel maker (likely Walther), in 5.56, the same caliber as our standard barrel.

This does not mean that our barrels are going to be bad barrels.  There is a scale between 0 and 10, after all.

Improvements include Swiss steel, a bit more accuracy (specs not yet known), and the advantage of having a name brand barrel for a very reasonable price (purchasing power).

We are still getting all the details, including absolute shipping time and extra cost.  We will let you know by email and website post as soon as all is ready.


The gun run evaporated our cheap supply of magazines.  We are now seeking a deal in order to provide our customers a 30-round magazine for each Joshua purchased (except in states not permitted). 

Please contact Tom Wise at 828-676-0225 if you are a manufacturer or wholesaler interested in partnering with Amendment Arms.


We are registering with ATF to import parts kits and weapons. 

Please contact Tom Wise at 828-676-0225 if you have you have contacts in, or can speak the language of, any country where AK-47 and/or AK-74 weapons or parts kits may be found.  This includes Romania, Bulgaria, and other European, African, and Asian nations. 

Reward for success!


In case you don’t know, Amendment Arms Inc. will not sell our weaponry to any government which in our opinion subjects its citizens to terror tactics or straight fascism.  By not striking down certain provisions of the NDAA, and by reauthorizing and authorizing more spying on the American people, and by legislating or attempting to legislate redistribution of wealth and other Marxist ideals, we at Amendment Arms have decided that the current federal administration is so categorized and not to be trusted.  We will not sell to this federal government.

We also will not sell our weaponry to any government which permits its police to carry a weapon which a regular citizen, properly trained, cannot.  We therefore will not sell to New York State police or other authorities.

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