1. Does Amendment Arms Inc. have an FFL?
Yes.  Our license number is 1-56-021-07-5K-07736, expiring October 1, 2015.  
This can be checked at the website https://www.atfonline.gov/fflezcheck/

2. Can you ship my Joshua to me directly?
No.  Your Joshua must either be delivered to an FFL holder, such as a gun shop or pawn broker, or you can pick up your Joshua at our location in Arden, North Carolina.

3. How do I know if the Joshua is legal in my state?
Please check with your favorite FFL holder, who will have the most up-to-date requirements.  Each state is different.  For example, in California, a bullet button is necessary, and you can only use a 10-round magazine.  Sometimes the requirements differ within a state, such as Illinois.

4. Does Amendment Arms sell ammo or magazines? 
We do not currently.  We are working on a deal to manufacture magazines.  We encourage competitive bids at this time, so please send us your propositions.

5. What about executive orders and coming legislation?
We are determined to engage the government in this fight if that's what they want.  

First, by involving all of our customers. How can a legal contract be broken?  

Your deposit is a legal binder for a legal item.  Even if the federal government were to "ban" the Joshua, it was legal when you placed the order.  It is YOUR job to tell the feds that you do not want a refund, you want your Joshua.  That begins, we hope, a domino effect.  High-minded?  Yes.  Impossible?  I refer you to the Stamp Act revolt, and to a Supreme Court case known as Hale vs. Henkel.



Second, by protection through our State Constitution and laws.  If not North Carolina, we have offers to relocate to different states, such as Texas, which are protective.  

Third, we have business models which permit our existence.  These will come into effect if necessary.

Fourth, our contract with you guarantees your money back if we cannot, after all this, deliver your Joshua.

6. When can we see the Joshua Mk5 in action?
Patents are completed, and the Joshua is unveiled.  See videos on this website!

7. Why doesn't Amendment Arms answer the phone?
We are a bit ahead of the curve with marketing.  We have been blessed with wonderful publicity, but we still only have a single phone line and two people in the office.  We apologize for the busy signals, and long wait times in getting back to you.  We know how that looks, and we are working hard to get back to every single person.

8. Do you take credit cards?
At this time, we do not.  We will in the future.  

9. Why can't I email or fax in my contract?
We require an actual signature that can be validated.  This strengthens your contract should any government decide to intervene in the business of doing business

As well, we return to you a countersigned copy of your contract, and an original Purchase Receipt.  These are your very important documents, necessary per the contract.

10. Does the Joshua shoot every caliber?
The Joshua Mk5 comes standard as 5.56 NATO, shooting also .223.  Conversion to a different caliber requires a change of barrel, feed ramp, and bolt, and an AR magazine which accommodates your particular caliber.

Amendment Arms plans to manufacture Caliber Interchange kits (barrel, feed ramp, bolt, magazine) within the next 12 months.  Due to popular request, the first planned kits will be AK round (7.62x39) and .300 BLACKOUT.  Preliminary cost of the kit is scheduled to be around $400, subject to change (note: already changed from $250).


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  2. To my knowledge I never received a countersigned copy of my contract and an original purchase receipt.
    I had sent only the twenty dollars as a legal binder to purchase the Joshua Mk5.
    What happens now?

  3. Orville, I just emailed you replacement pdf copies.

  4. I Was Wondering & Inquiring about $ Price Range..?


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