Friday, March 29, 2013

CHANGES to Price and to Delivery Wait Time


Effective today, the price for the Joshua Mk5 has changed from $895 to $1095. 

This price change reflects the following:  

(1) our decision to include a Lothar Walther barrel as standard, which is a high value at a price we can afford to offer due to our purchasing power (see previous post), 

(2) changes in the AK47 parts market, which has raised that cost of doing business.

We assure you this price change has nothing to do with joining the market frenzy.  We are keeping our prices as low as possible while offering high quality. 


Effective today, the delivery time for the Joshua Mk5 has changed from three months to six (6) months.

This is a necessary consequence of success and delays.

Regarding success, we simply have reached the limit of what we can accomplish with a three-month lead time.  We have discussed this at length, and we see no choice but to extend the wait time.

Regarding delays, there have been supply chain issues due to the gun panic (see previous posts). 


If you already have a contract with us, these contractual changes do not affect you.

Any Amendment Arms contract which arrives to us postmarked from before March 30, 2013 (tomorrow, Saturday) will be honored at the previous price of $895.  This accounts for those contracts already in transit.  This offer will expire April 5, 2013.

All further walk-in contracts (at our facility) will be at $1095.

These prices do not include mandatory (1) 11% manufacturer's federal excise tax, (2) North Carolina Sales Tax (for NC pickup and delivery only), or (3) shipping.

Thank you for being an Amendment Arms customer!

Tom Wise,
General Manager

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