Friday, March 29, 2013

Joshua Mk5 BARREL Announcement

Joshua Mk5 Barrel Announcement
To all of our valued customers:

We have made our decision regarding premium barrels for the Joshua Mk5.  The winner is... Lothar Walther.

These premium barrels will be made from LW19 chrome-moly steel, which is, we are informed, used by the Swiss Army in their machine gunnery.  This coincides with our original chrome-moly intent but at a higher level.

The contouring taper will be heavy, with one extra step than we originally planned.

The twist will be 1:8 rather than 1:7.  We originally believed 1:7 was ideal but we are convinced now that 1:8 will be better for your needs. 

By these changes, accuracy will be improved from our original intent, and Walther’s impeccable record for producing great barrels certainly does not hurt!

The chambering will be 5.56, shooting also .223, as originally planned.

The additional cost for this terrific upgrade, including installation at our facility, will be $160.  
North Carolina residents, please add 7% NC Sales Tax, or $11.20.

Because of our buying power, this is about half what you might expect to pay on your own for this barrel and installation.  In other words, a great value.

In so saying, we believe that having a Walther barrel makes your Joshua Mk5 not only better but also more valuable.

We are in fact so impressed by Walther and their ability to maintain high standards at reasonable prices that in the future we will be offering Walther barrels standard on all Joshua Mk5.  If you paid $895 for your Joshua, this does not affect your current contract.  For you, the Walther barrel is an option.

If you have not already replied to our email on this matter, please now let us know if you will be opting for the Walther barrel.

Thanks very much,

Tom Wise,
General Manager

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