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If you are not sure about purchasing, but still want to stay informed about the Joshua Mk5, or Amendment Arms Inc, please send an email to, and we will put you on our mailing list. 

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  1. List

    Harold Sadler

  2. Hi Tom, glad to hear things are progressing even if the progress is slow. Walther is late on barrel delivery, I can appreciate that but, how do those of us( considering I am not the only buyer that opted out of the barrel upgrade) stand on the delivery of our weapons? Is the supplier of the original 1 in 7 barrel out of the picture altogether?
    I still want to see this fellow before I spend any more money on him but, if the barrel upgrade gun is the only gun on the build table I may change my mind.

    Daryl Harrington

  3. list please. also is it possible to email me a contract?


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