Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Update for February 4, 2014

Hello, everybody!  Here is our update for February 4, 2014. 

The change from pinning to threading the barrel proves to be the right move.  We will have an enormous jump in stability.  In making this change, we also improved the finish.  See photos below.  

NOTE: The square hole you see will be the threaded area for the barrel insertion.  We wanted you to see a bit of this, in process.

We will be testing for the next 20-30 days.  Following this, we will begin delivering product.

We are always accepting new contracts for the Joshua MK5, but we are placing orders about 6 months out.  This will ease as we grow.

"Joshua Mk5" - "Joshua MK5" - "Joshua Mark 5" are trademarks of Amendment Arms Inc.
Patents Pending.

We appreciate your patience during our slow but steady progress.
Thank you for being an Amendment Arms customer!  

Tom Wise,
General Manager

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