Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Update for January 7, 2014

Hello, everybody!  Here is our update for January 7, 2014. 

Ryan discovered a small movement in the barrel pinning during assembly, which slightly affected accuracy in live testing.  Ryan is therefore adding barrel threading through the receiver for truer stability during head-spacing, which will result in meeting our (and your) expectations for the Joshua.  Our desire is to deliver to you only a fine-quality product.  After testing, next week the latest, we will resume production.  Thanks for your support and patience for this short interruption. 

The machine we purchased several months ago is now in excellent working order, and it is now engaged in making receiver parts.  We are very pleased with how quiet and steady it is.

We are always accepting new contracts for the Joshua MK5, but we are placing orders about 6 months out.  This will ease as we grow.

"Joshua Mk5" - "Joshua MK5" - "Joshua Mark 5" are trademarks of Amendment Arms Inc.
Patents Pending.

We appreciate your patience during our slow but steady progress.
Thank you for being an Amendment Arms customer!  

Tom Wise,
General Manager

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