Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Previous Joshua YouTube Videos Collected!

For your convenience, we have collected here the YouTube videos which refer to the Joshua in any incarnation, especially the Joshua Mark 1 (Joshua Mk1).

Joshua Mk1 3x 30 test:

Joshua Mk1 90-round test:

And if you're interested in seeing Ryan talking about prepping, check out this series:

1. Introduction, Politics, and Survival 

 2. Money Supply, Threats, and the Trap

 3. The Dollar, Energy, and Choosing Slavery

 4. Monsanto, Agriculture, and Mice.

 5. Threats and Risks

 6. Fiscal Risks, Global Conservancy, and the Sheriff

 7. Capitalization, Communication, and Militarization

 8. Distribution Chains, Global Conservancy, and the Sheriff

9. What Happens to Freedom, Water, and Safe Refuge

10. Hardening Your House, Readiness, and Water Purification

11. Secondary Water Purification Systems

12. Food is the Answer

13. Arms - Part 1

14. Arms - Part 2

15. Secondary Arms, State Government, and Militias

16. Alternative Weapons, Guns, and Boots

17. Medication, Hygiene, and Tinctures

18. Activated Charcoal and Colloidal Silver


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