Saturday, December 15, 2012

Announcing the Joshua Mark 5 (Joshua Mk5)

Amendment Arms, Inc.
“We Make GREAT Guns”
37 Loop Rd
Arden, NC 28704
828-676-0225 (Tom Wise, General Manager) (Ryan Croft, Inventor and Designer)

Hi All:

Ryan Croft and Tom Wise here.  Many of you know the both of us as active and vocal members of the Patriot movement.  We are both preppers.  In fact, Ryan was a featured guest on "Doomsday Preppers" in an episode known as "You've Got Chaos," first aired December 11, 2012, on the NatGeo Channel. 

Ryan has also been a candidate for Asheville City Council, a member of Tea Parties, and a local speaker.  Tom has been a campaign manager for Dr. Dan Eichenbaum, a GOP precinct chair, and is founder of the anticommunism KTM.  Ryan is a military veteran of some experience, and has a wide range of knowledge in firearms.  Tom is a student of business economics, and an experienced investor and businessman.

This is to let you know that we are in the business of manufacturing guns.  Ryan, resident inventor and engineer, has devised, and is currently manufacturing, the world’s FIRST hybrid AK47-AR15 semi-automatic weapon!

Ryan calls it the JOSHUA Mark 5 (Mk5).  The Joshua Mk5 will have the toughness and dependability of the AK-47, using various parts and mechanical processes which make the AK-47 that way.  The Joshua will ALSO have the accuracy and ergonomics of the AR-15.

Why did Ryan do this?  Simply, the AR-15 is a great gun, but it’s fussy.  VERY fussy.  The Joshua will not be fussy in the least.

Ryan has designed the guts of the Joshua to incorporate the best of both worlds.  This is a proprietary and new method of creating a rifle that does what it says it does.  There has NEVER been anything like it.

The Joshua Mk5 is also modular and interchangeable.  You need to speak with Ryan to get a real feel for what is happening here.  All of the questions you now have can be answered by him.

Here's where we are at Amendment Arms Inc:

(1) We have a real shop, not a garage in someone’s house,

(2) We are local manufacturers, in Arden, NC,

(3) We have a Matsuura RA-1 CNC mill,

(4) We have a Hardinge lathe,

(5) We have CNC operator and programmer,

(6) We have an in-house welder-electrician,

(7) We have Tom Wise as general manager,

(8) We have Ryan Croft as hands-on designer,

(9) We are incorporated in the State of North Carolina,

(10) We have investors and investment.

Now, we need you.  We know that you are one of us.  We know you care about this country.  We know you care about American business.  We know you care about capitalism.  We know you care about the Second Amendment.  It's you we need.

We want you to come visit our shop, and see how a gun is made!  Where else will you get this opportunity?

We want you to come visit our shop, and talk with Ryan about the Joshua.

We want you to BUY a Joshua.  We want you to buy a Joshua before one is ready.  We want to offer you incentives to buy a Joshua before a Joshua is ready.  And we are ready to make you ready.

We are offering a special deal.  The first 200 customers who buy a Joshua Mk5 at the regular price of $895.00 will receive a rebate of $200.00, redeemable over a period of years.  That means, if you're quick, you can get this unique and, frankly, AWESOME, firearm for $695.00 (not including taxes and delivery)!  You won’t find a better deal anywhere.

And… we offer a LAYAWAY program that allows you get in on the rebate program for as little as $100.00 down!

What's the catch?  None!  And there are other surprise incentives as well! 

Why this special offer?  Simply and honestly, we want to get the money in hand now so we can invest further in machining and tooling, because we expect demand to take off.  By purchasing a Joshua in advance, you create the circumstances by which we can get to the finish line.  It takes money to make money, and we want YOU to be a part of this.

How much time do you have to act?  We will be holding this special until we sell 200 Joshua Mk5.  Depending on how enthusiastic the response, the offer might end next week or in two months.  My advice is to come in now and talk with Ryan and Tom.  Once we reach the 200 Joshua goal, the retail price will again be $895.00, which we think is still unmatchable for what you get.

And NOW is a great time to buy for other reasons:

(1) Christmas is coming,

(2) Government regulations are changing, and

(3) You can be among the first to own this game-changer.

Think you might want to invest in Amendment Arms?  We have 15 shares remaining to sell at the first round price.  After that, we will be raising the price per share.  Come visit us, and learn the merits of being a shareholder in Amendment Arms, including dividend expectations.  Contact Tom Wise at 828-676-0225, and he will meet with you.  Or, if you'd like to see our prospectus, just request one by email, and it will be sent right to your home address. 

Ryan Croft,

Tom Wise,
General Manager,
Amendment Arms Inc.

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