Thursday, January 15, 2015

Update for January 15, 2015

Update, Jan 15, 2015

Hello, everybody!  Please note our mailing address is Amendment Arms Inc., POB 1462, Arden, NC 28704.  

Here is our update for Jan 15, 2015Better every week!



Here are the Options and Accessories currently available with the Joshua MK5:

>>>>   NEW!  BARREL CHAMBER POLISH!   Please call for complete details.   $150.
 1. MAGPUL AR STOCK - We will replace the underfolder stock, currently standard with the Joshua MK5, with a telescoping Magpul AR Stock.  This consists of four parts.  The stock (image below), buffer tube, buffer tube lock, and buffer tube end plate.  $100 installed.

 2. TRIGGER JOB - As you know, the trigger is a central point of comfort, accuracy, and ergonomics.  The trigger which you currently receive with the Joshua MK5 is very nice, but we can make it even nicer.  This takes about 4 hours more work$200.

3. EXTRA TOP RAIL - Ever have your sight system set up the way you like, only to move it from your gun in order to accommodate a different sight system?  But if you have an extra Top Rail for the Joshua MK5, you can leave your sight system on one Top Rail, and simply replace that Top Rail with a DIFFERENT Top Rail, and have TWO sight systems ready to go$150 each additional Top Rail.

4. COMPENSATOR - Call it a flash suppressor, flash hider, muzzle brake, or compensator, this is not a standard feature of the Joshua MK5.  $20 installed.

5. DURACOAT/CERAKOTE- The Joshua MK5 comes in Black standard, or you can easily order it in popular Two-Tone (unfinished aluminum - parkerized black steel).  However.. we are able to offer a variety of colorful and interesting finishes through local coating specialists with whom we have good contact.  Please call for a full array of choices.   $200-400, depending on complexity.
6. CUSTOM ENGRAVING - Your choice of inscription on the Top Rail!   $80-150, depending on length of text.

7. GRIP - We will replace the AK-47 grip, currently standard with the Joshua MK5, with a Magpul grip$80 installed.



This week, we delivered Joshua MK5 rifles to:

California, Georgia, North Carolina, Texas, Florida, and Wisconsin!

We want to cover 50 States, but we don't have an order in every State.  We are therefore offering $150 discount, from our current price of $1545, on the first Joshua MK5 which is sold to a party in the following States:

New Hampshire
Rhode Island
South Dakota


We have secured the talents of two very good gunsmith-assemblers, with a combined total of 30 years experience!  Please keep them busy!

More information to come soon!


The Joshua MK5 is once again $1545.




We are still seeking Investors who are interested in the firearms industry.  Now that our design is complete and working beautifully and consistently, we need only move ahead swiftly.
The sky is the limit.  
If you are interested in this excellent opportunity to be an Amendment Arms Investor, please contact Tom Wise at 828-676-0225, or email  We will discuss with you all of the risks and opportunities.  $30,000+, please.



Center disassembly of the Joshua MK5 means interchangeable calibers in a larger Carry Case, as a Triple Play!  

The calibers we are making available: 

5.56/.223 (native), 
7.62 x 39 (AK-47),
.300 Blackout, and 
6.5mm Grendel.

For a price quote on your Triple Play order, please contact me, Tom Wise, at the email address 


We are taking orders for Carry Cases.

Following is the price list, with photos to remind you which you like.  These prices include:

1)           Case,
2)           Custom-Fit Interior,
3)           Custom Emblazon for the Joshua MK5!  

We would LOVE to ship your Joshua in your Carry Case.  So please take the time to order now, and we will make it happen!  Thank you!






Soft Case


Thank you for being an Amendment Arms customer!  

Tom Wise,
General Manager 

"Joshua Mk5" - "Joshua MK5" - "Joshua Mark 5" are trademarks of Amendment Arms Inc.
Patents Pending.

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