Friday, November 22, 2013

Third Video, Joshua Mk5, Inspection

Hello, everybody!  Here is another update for November 22, 2013. 

This is our third public video of the Joshua Mk5.  In this almost 8-minute video, you get to see what the hybrid is all about.  AK reliability, AR accuracy and ergonomics.  In this raw footage, you can inspect the receiver (the true hybrid of AK action and AR magazine well), the rail system, the barrel, the adapter, and more (all patents pending).  It should be noted that this is an overview.  More to come concerning the barrel and its specs, top rail sighting, interchangeability of calibers, and so on.  But now, we hope you are pleased to meet the Joshua.

Click Here for YouTube view

Video copyright 2013 Amendment Arms Inc.  
"Joshua Mk5" - "Joshua MK5" - "Joshua Mark 5" are trademarks of Amendment Arms Inc.
Patents Pending.

We appreciate your patience during our slow but steady progress.
Thank you for being an Amendment Arms customer!  

Tom Wise,
General Manager


  1. The videos don't want to play

    1. I just checked. They do play.

    2. tom,
      u r right.... it is the browser that determines whether u can watch the videos on the website or not... i also could not view them, via internet explorer (i have an XP, so it might even be I.E. 7); even the links to youtube didn't work. UNTIL i switched to firefox... on firefox, the videos work via the website... IF someone does not have firefox, the videos can be found on youtube by doing a search on Amendment Arms, Joshua MK5. [i suspect the videos work w/ google chrome as well...]

  2. When I heard about the Joshua MK5 I was left wondering before about the Front Sight Assembly, if it was going to be like the AK or AR?But when looking at the video it doesn't seem to have one or maybe it was not easy to see in the video?


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