Friday, July 5, 2013

Update for July 5, 2013

Hello, everybody!  Here is our update for July 5, 2013.  We hope you had a great Independence Day, whether you read the Constitution or just watched fireworks.  God bless our country!


The big news is that the first contractual rebates will be mailed today!  


Quad rails have worked out well.  We are very pleased so far with what we've machined.

Barrels are still not delivered.  Lothar Walther promised samples in April, which have already been paid for, but it's July and we've seen nothing.  Phone calls and emails have produced only polite reassurance.  We are very frustrated here.

Meanwhile, we are pursuing the local angle, and have a maker who is reasonable and good.  Again, just waiting for samples.

From Arizona, Harris has delivered blank barrel for our assessment.  Harris also makes barrels, and we are considering them for the future.  For our education, please let us know your experience with Harris, good or bad. 
All in all, we're very close.  The Joshua is ready for testing, just requiring barrels. 


The delivery dates are continued to be pushed back as we wait.  We are as unhappy about this as you are.

You, our customers, have been very supportive, and we appreciate you very much.

PATENTS (no change)

We can’t patent until we are done testing.


The receiver, its construction and parts, bolt modifications, and quad rail design are new and proprietary.  We therefore can’t show anything pertinent until we patent. 

We realize this is inconvenient, and we apologize for any anxiety it causes.


We appreciate your patience during our slow but steady progress.

Thank you for being an Amendment Arms customer! 

Tom Wise,
General Manager

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