Saturday, February 23, 2013

Rebate No Longer Available

Thank you!  We truly appreciate the outpouring of support for the Joshua Mk5, and for our business model, and for our philosophy.  

We have endeavored to retain the rebate but it must now be put to bed.  We have more than reached the limit of 200 customers for the $200 rebate, and have added an additional almost 200 customers for the $100 rebate. 

For now, we still offer the Joshua Mk5 at a very low $895 price tag, not including taxes and delivery.  I say for "for now" because we will likely have to raise the price to $995 due to  the rising cost of supplies.  This will come sooner than later, so you may want to lock in $895 by contract.

BUT... if we do raise the price, we will almost certainly offer another rebate.

WHY do we offer rebates?  Simply, it's a way to motivate the buyer, thank the customer, and have working capital meantime.

Thank you again for being an Amendment Arms customer!

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